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LOV Kombucha – Our Values

LOV kombucha – Our values


We want the world to be enlightened and important truths to be revealed! Which is why transparency and truthfulness have been at the core of the LOV Kombucha journey from the very beginning. Just as an unwavering commitment to honesty with oneself and to one’s people is a prerequisite towards finding our truest place in this world, equally we believe that our consumers and collaborators deserve unvarnished truths. Peoples now more than ever want to know the facts as opposed to half truths or claims that far over-reach any basis in fact.
So our desire is to show you everything… Well,we mean almost everything.
From the cost and origin of our ingredients, to our salaries, yearly results or marketing expenses, we want you the consumer to know where your money goes. But transparency comes at a price and the price here is reciprocity. How? Simply through you telling us honestly what you think about our product and our project. And anyway, let’s be honest… LOV is better naked.

To love at all is to be vulnerable.Clive Staples Lewis


While transparency enables information to travel, empathy is essential to receive and understand it in a meaningful way. Being able to switch off our own prejudices and perceptions and make a small leap in our imagination in order to embrace how someone else experiences a situation is a key to resolving conflicts and even preventing those that might have seemed inevitable. Within our organisation, empathy is realized through creating opportunities for active reciprocal listening, creating an environment of care for each other and the larger project goals, and promoting resilience in the face of occasional failures.
In relation to our clients and customers, empathy is a tireless guide that never fails to show us the right path. Practicing empathy as a business dosen’t simply mean listening to and understanding the needs of your clients or suppliers, it also means embracing and caring about their journey.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.Theodore Roosevelt


Once you have both transparency and empathy at the table, trust naturally invites herself to the meeting and slowly starts to prevail overfear during critical decision-making powwows. With trust one’s creativity finds a proper soil in which to grow while diversity can be celebrated rather than concealed.
Trust is believing that people are essentially good unless they prove otherwise by their actions. LOV Kombucha’s philosophy does not subscribe to an idealistic naivete but we are convinced that better and greater can be achieved by our people and our team within a trusting and liberated environment.

Loving someone is giving them the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.Julianne Moore


An easy way to understand accountability is to define it as a willingness to take responsibility for one’s own action or inaction. It means having the courage to acknowledge one’s own decisions and to be ready to honestly deal with their consequences, positive or negative. Equally as an individual, this can be represented as a willingness to recognize our own weaknesses and limitations and to have the sagacity and honesty to ask for help or to delegate particular tasks to colleagues whose capacities are better suited to addressing them. As a company, it can be translated as deliberating choosing to accept reduced margins in order to work with socially and environmentally conscious suppliers and products.

Each of us is responsible for everything and to every human being.Simone de Beauvoir

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